Font Details

Utharadesam supports Unicode font which can be used as a single typeface across multilingual documents.
If you are not able to see the malayalam characters properly, it means that you dont have the required unicode fonts installed in the system.
Installing and configuring unicode malayalam fonts in windows xp and xp-sp2
Enabling Malayalam unicode font support in windows xp
1. In the control panel, Double click on Regional and language options
2. Click on Languages Tab
3. Put a tick mark on "Install files for complex script and right to left languages"
4. Put a tick mark on "Install files for East Asian Languages"

Enabling Unicode font support in Chrome
1. Download and install NotoSansMalayalam.
2. Exit all applications and uninstall AnjaliOldLipi
3. Open Chrome and install the Advanced Font Settings extension.
4. Open the extension by going to: chrome-extension://caclkomlalccbpcdllchkeecicepbmbm/options.html
5. Choose NotoSansMalayalam for Sans-Serif.
6. Click on Script pull down menu and select Malayalam.
7. Choose NotoSansMalayalam for Sans-Serif.
8. Click on 'Apply settings' button and close the extension tab.

To see rest of the Malayalam text in boxes for search, address using NotoSansMalayalam, in the Windows system, get to Desktop properties > Appearance tab > Advanced button > Message box item > set font NotoSansMalayalam > OK button > OK button.
For completeness one could set rest of the fonts in the desktop properties(like Palette title) to be NotoSansMalayalam as well.